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  • SamaBajau

    the term KadazanDusun, SamaBajau is a collective term, used to describe several closely related indigenous people who consider themselves a single distinct bangsa (quotethnic groupquot or quotnationquot). It is generally accepted that these groups of people can be termed Sama or Bajau, though they never call themselves quotBajauquot in the Philippines.

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  • ACD Austronesian Comparative Dictionary Cognate Sets g

    Note Also Mansaka karut to scratch (as ones head), Javanese garu harrow comb, Totoli kalut to claw, scratch, Tajio karut to scratch an itch. Although this comparison is sufficiently wellattested to make the reconstruction likely, Austronesian languages show a statistically significant correlation of * gor * kwith words meaning scrape, scratch and the like

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